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Spotter RF offer a range of wide area ground and air surveillance radar for perimeter security, with an operational range to detect intruders up to 1,400m away using the C & CK range of  portable ground based and drones up to 500 metres using the new 3D Series Counter Drone Radar. 


The CK Range of radars operate in the 24GHz band, which means there is no requirement to obtain a spectrum licence. The small form factor of these radars m low power draw and  quick install time make these ideal for remote locations and temporary installations.  On detection of a target, the Scan-360 radar remotely operates a PTZ CCTV camera to slew to point at the target whilst at the same time alerting the operator. Scan-360 radar then tracks the target until such time as the operator takes control of the camera or until the threat has passed, thereby recording the intrusion for later analysis. Radar data may also be sent to third-party systems to trigger cause/effect actions.

Equally at home in a wide range of environmental conditions, Scan-360 has been designed for use over multiple terrains, offering advanced warning of intruders for perimeter security and infrastructure protection.

The Scan-360 surveillance radar system uses advanced digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms in conjunction with sophisticated microwave circuitry to give exceptional performance.

The Scan-360 radar is an affordable and effective radar based threat detector.


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Spotter RF 360 Radar - Local Licences may be required.

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