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Protecting Perimeter fences from thrown objects  

Sensing have developed Opsrey Small Object Detection system to detect cpntraband being thrown over perimeter fences in correctional facilites. This was a joint initiative with Corrective Services Industries (CSI) to help reduce the amount of contraband (drugs, mobile phones, weapons) getting in to prisons. 

Place a detection curtain over key areas

Osprey Radars effectively place a detection ‘blanket’ over individual areas of concern. For every target which is detected entering these areas, positional details  are calculated and immediately transferred to the command and control centre. Using AI all detections are analyised thereby minimising the occurrence of nuisance alarms caused by birds or bats.

InkedTennis Ball Over prison Fence_LI (2

Fully networkable for perimeters of any size

The Osprey radar gives you a fully networked perimeter that allows you to react quickly to contrband intrusions. It is low cost, with flexible deployment,  built to with stand the harsh Austrlian conditions.   Osprey sensors communicate via Ethernet, are low power and lightweight, providing ease of deployment in complex or remote perimeters.

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