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BV MAX to Tackle Contraband in Prisons in NSW: a major threat and challenge

Sensing Products provided a BV MAX, portable mattress and belonging X-Ray system, for an extended trial within a NSW prison during 2021. After a very successful trial, which lasted slightly longer than initially planned due to the Covid lockdown, Sensing is pleased to announce that the BV Max exceeded expectations and has become a permanent resource for Corrective Services within NSW.

Sensing Products has a long history of working with Corrective Services to reduce the access to contraband within the prison system and whilst there is no doubt that contrabands including drugs, phones and sharps in prisons are still a major threat, Sensing continue work towards making correctional facilities a safer places for staff and inmates alike and the BV Max is another step to a safer prison environment.

LINEV Systems UK, for whom Sensing Products are the ANZ distributor, has developed a compact easily-moveable X-ray scanner – the BV MAX Cell Search - that can be used to screen mattresses.

The BV MAX can be moved through most standard doorways (the machine width is only 895mm) and so taken to the cell landings so that the mattresses can be scanned within a few meters of the cell in only a matter of seconds. The X-ray machine is not limited to only scanning mattresses but is also able to scan inmates’ personal items such as clothes, books, papers, pillows and food, this allows a much more thorough and safer search of the inmates cell which can be completed in a matter of minutes.

The BV Max is already proving a success in finding contraband within the corrective service system allowing for potential dangerous weapons and drug contraband to be safely found and removed.

Other States and Territories are showing an interest in the BV Max after the successful trial in NSW.

If you would like more information, please get in touch.

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