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A Great Conference

We were delighted that the ASIAL Security Conference at this years Security Exhibition and Conference in Melbourne was so well attended by delegates from not only across Australia but also around the world. A host of industry and security experts gave interesting and thought provoking talks on current and future security issues that we will all face now or in the future.

The speakers at the conference included Dr Lisa Warren, Clinical/Forensic Psychologist and Founder, Code Black Threat; David Crompton-Guard, Business Continuity Manager, Safety, Security & Resilience, Metro Trains; Arye Kasten, Chief Executive Officer, M.I.P. Security; Commander Geoffrey Smith, Commander, Tasmania Police; Sean Duca, Regional Chief Security Officer, Asia Pacific Palo Alto Networks; Danny Baade, Head of Security, Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation; Caroline Sapriel, Managing Director, CS & A International; Dave Brooks, Post Graduate Course Co-coordinator, Security Science, Edith Cowan University.

The conference which ran from July 25-27 along side the Security Exhibition was completely sold out and I am sure all the attendees would agree and great success. We hope you all enjoyed the Conference show bags and look forward to seeing you all next year in Sydney.

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