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Contraband Detection

The Osprey radar sensors can effectively place a detection blanket over areas of concern detecting thrown contraband, and other airborne objects, making their way over fences of correctional services complex's.

Osprey Radar mounted with CCTV on a pan tilt unit for testing

The Osprey units are currently undergoing final testing continues before installation on a live site with in NSW. The radars are in the process of being put through a selection varied and rigorous testing not only in the lab but on a purpose built test range in North West Sydney. The light weight, compact, low energy radar is easily deployable allowing use to carry out a multitude variety of testing in a short space of time. The photo shows the radar unit mounted on a portable telescopic with a PT unit and a CCTV camera, allowing for instant control, configuration and calibration.

Objects thrown and flown over prison perimeter fences has been an on going problem for the correctional services departments around the world. So far there hasn’t been an effective detection system able to consistently pick up and track objects travelling over the prison fences. The image (from SMH Nov 23 2015) on the left shows a person who was caught in the act throwing packages. Unfortunately it is often the case that due to poor visibility, blind spots on CCTV systems, etc. that the actual act is not detected. Correctional Services have to then rely on manual visual checks of vulnerable areas which can be very time consuming and with the packages often camouflaged and small not always effective. With the release of the Osprey radar, this will soon be a historcial problem.

A still of a tennis ball travelling over a "prison" fence during testing

The Osprey series of radars are able to detect objects as small as golf ball travelling over perimeter fences. For every target which is detected entering these areas, positional details and trajectory will be calculated and immediately replayed to the command and control centre alerting staff to potential illegal activity.

Targets will be further analysed by a unique, deep learning algorithm that will distinguish between thrown objects and other, living targets, such as birds, thereby minimising the occurrence of nuisance alarms. If you would further information about this radar and the other products we offer, please don't hesitate to get in touch via our Contacts Page

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