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To support its commitment to research and development Sensing reinvests a major portion of its operating income back into the development of tomorrow’s detection and discrimination technologies. Through this innovation, our team designs radar products and sensing systems that protect our client’s assets and operations.

“Discrimination - recognition and understanding of the difference between one thing and another"

The company’s vision is to continue to focus on research and development as the key driver to success. This commitment will ensure that our customers and their customers will benefit from our perimeter detection innovations and be protected for generations to come.


Sensing's engineering team are highly skilled in specification, design, fabrication and testing, and our software developers are skilled in multiple operating platforms including Windows, UNIX / Linux and have extensive experience with SQL and Oracle databases. The programming languages our software team use include Assembler, C / C++, C# / .NET, VB, Multimedia Director Lingo, Perl scripts and embedded programming (Dynamic C, HI<).

Our Product Development Group (PDG) work with clients to understand their requirements, advising on options and implementing custom development projects. Our PDG employs proven methodology to implement solutions bases on the philosophy of sustainability in both reliability of products and affordability.

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