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In the development of its leading-edge sensing solutions Sensing has worked closely with a number of organisations, each bringing with it a range of experiences and capabilities.


The Osprey Small Object Radar Detection System has been wholly developed within Australia by Sensing, as part of a joint initiative with Corrective Services Industries (CSI). 

CSI is a Government Business Enterprise with over 100 business units and is an organisational unit of Corrective Services NSW, which is a part of the NSW Department of Justice. CSI is a hands-on, cost effective business that has set, and achieved, major commercial and social outcomes.

CSI contracts and partners with government and private industry to provide manufacturing, assembly, food, printing and other service solutions for government and commercial customers. CSI facilitates offender participation in work programs as part of a suite of offender programs and services which form an integrated program framework to contribute to CSI’s stated goals, including:

  • Enabling NSW inmates to contribute to reducing the cost of their incarceration

  • Helping to maximise the self-sufficiency of NSW Institutions

  • Reducing the public funding of NSW Correctional Services

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