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Sensing Products brings to Australia the Osprey Air, a radar that creates a dome of detection over areas where drones are unwelcome. The radars measures latitude, longitude and altitude of all aerial targets in up to 1 km wide hemisphere dome, even directly above the radar with no gaps in coverage. The 3D tracking allows automated camera cueing allowing you to visually indentify the threat using thermal or traditional PTZ cameras.  With the integrated AI nuisance alarms are minmised  as the as the software is able to classify detections based a variety of factors.


  • Radar detection of UAVs travelling into restricted areas

  • Object discrimination software ensures minimum of nuisance alarms

  • Extended UAV detection range 

  • IP Addressable, Plug & Play Radar 

  • Compact, lightweight with low power consumption

  • Ideal for complex, twisting perimeters

  • All weather – IP66 Rated

  • Multiple mounting options with battery/solar power capability

  • Provides automated detection improving operator efficiency

  • API for third party integration


**specifications are subject to change

Applications include:

  • Power plants, electricity grids, gas pipelines, ports, and other critical infrastructure asset owners

  • Prisons, correctional facilities and detention centres

  • Defence agencies, law enforcement and national security agencies;

  • Airports and transport infrastructure providers

  • Sports arenas and other public event venues

  • TV and Movie production sets

  • Property owners including commercial facilities and industrial plants and

  • VIPs, including ultra-high net worth individuals, executives, and government officials

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