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Sensing Products offer a range of products detect intrusions in to your airspace. Sometimes there is a requirement for a more direct action against these threats, so Sensing are bringing to Australia the Osprey Disruptor, it offers defense against illegal UAVs by interfering the data link and is capable of "capturing" (hovering, dropping and deviating) the intrusive UAVs.


  • Long-range accurate "capturing": Interference distance is up to several hundred meters, with big antenna direction angle and no need to aim

  • Cover main UAV frequency bands, with strong applicability: Support multi-band frequency interference

  • Compact, lightweight with low power consumption

  • Easy to deploy, and can be operated by one person.


*specifications are subject to change

** use maybe subject to local, state and national laws

Applications include:

  • Power plants, electricity grids, gas pipelines, ports, and other critical infrastructure asset owners

  • Prisons, correctional facilities and detention centres

  • Defence agencies, law enforcement and national security agencies;

  • Airports and transport infrastructure providers

  • Sports arenas and other public event venues

  • TV and Movie production sets

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