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Sensing Products offer a range of ground based radars that detect intrusions in to your perimeters and or sterile zones. With the ability to track multiple targets and to slew a ptz camera to the target these radars allow maximum coverage with only a single installation point. The Ambit range of Radars cover from 1 acre to 380 acres depending on which model you use. 


  • Long-range accurate detection and tracking of people and vehicles, up to 1400m away 

  • Scan rate up to 8 times a second giving you postion, heading and speed of your intruder

  • Compact, lightweight with low power consumption

  • Easy and quick to install 


*specifications are subject to change

** use maybe subject to local, state and national laws

Applications include:

  • Power plants, electricity grids, gas pipelines, ports, and other critical infrastructure asset owners

  • Prisons, correctional facilities and detention centres

  • Defence agencies, law enforcement and national security agencies;

  • Airports and transport infrastructure

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