Fully networkable for perimeters of any size

To make the entry point for Osprey low cost, and to enable its deployment to be as flexible as possible, we designed the Osprey 9030 sensor with a 30m-50m linear detection zone (subject to environment) that can be increased, by adding further units, to provide an all but infinite perimeter detection field. Osprey sensors communicate via Ethernet, are low power and lightweight, providing ease of deployment in complex or remote perimeters.

Place a detection curtain over key areas

Osprey sensors can effectively place a detection ‘blanket’ over individual areas of concern. For every target which is detected entering these areas, positional details and trajectory are calculated and immediately transferred to the command and control centre. Suspicious targets are further analysed by a unique, deep learning algorithm that can distinguish between thrown objects and other, living targets thereby minimising the occurrence of nuisance alarms.


  • Radar detection of small objects thrown or travelling into restricted areas

  • Detects tennis balls or other small objects containing contraband in flight

  • Detects objects as small as 41cmᵌ (2.5ᵌ inches)

  • Provides 30m of perimeter detection

  • Object discrimination software ensures minimum of nuisance alarms

  • IP Addressable, Plug & Play Radar with (optional) Nexus Command and Control Software

  • Compact, lightweight with low power consumption

  • Ideal for complex, twisting perimeters

  • All weather – IP66/NEMA4 Rated

  • Multiple mounting options with battery/solar power capability

  • Provides automated detection improving operator efficiency

  • API for third party integration


**specifications are subject to change

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Osprey 9030

Osprey Radar Small Object Detection