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Sensing’s Nexus command and Control GUI provides an intuitive, map based user interface for networked Osprey sensors that enables set up, administration and operational functionality, monitoring all sensors and displaying the status of individual sensor nodes and monitored zones. Multiple Osprey radars can be overlapped to provide a detection area of virtually unlimited size. 

The strength of Nexus lies in its ability to combine the situational awareness alerts from Osprey radar sensors with virtually any number and combination of analogue and IP devices from different manufacturers. Nexus seamlessly integrates Osprey radar sensors with CCTV cameras, NVRs and a host of other types of devices.

Custom-developed device drivers also allows seamless integration of Osprey with legacy and new equipment, ensuring that previous investments in security and surveillance equipment need not be abandoned.

Intuitive and flexible, Nexus enables clients to define the number of screens they want to use and how the information is to be presented on each screen. Within the configuration menu it’s possible to change each individual window and to format it so that it provides the correct information for the operator and meets their operational requirements.

Nexus is fully scalable, allowing the addition of servers and clients as needed, and it can be expanded to become a fully integrated Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) system capable of integrating multiple local or remote systems. 

Nexus GUI
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