Traditional walk-through metal detectors cannot cope with all the latest security threats, such as 3D printed waepons, drugs and explosives, the innovative personnel security systems invented by LINEV ADANI seem to be the best and the most effective solution for safety protection.


Today when terrorists use more and more sophisticated techniques and means, such as non-metallic weapons, plastic and liquid explosives, and when drug dealers use human bodies as containers for drug transportation, the security systems must be enhanced by the latest technologies and solutions. LINEV ADANI can provide these security solutions.



CLEARPASS Full Body X-ray Scanner from LINEV Systems UK ADANI answers the calls and demands of Corrections, Transportation and Customs and Border Protection professionals for a compact scanning technology with advanced, high-resolution imaging performance and advanced detection capabilities. This revolutionary new scanner is rugged, fast, and non-contact! The unique pass-through design and prison-proven LINEV Ssytems UK ADANI exclusive automatic threat detection algorithms facilitate the rapid, non-intrusive inspection of people attempting to conceal contraband items on or inside their bodies.


  • The person to be screened remains stationary

  • Industry-leading 2.5 second image acquisition time

  • No cables or pulleys used to move sensitive X-ray generation and imaging components

  • Compact Footprint

  • Modular Design for ease of upgrades

  • Best in Class Imaging Performance – 42AWG

  • Best in Class Resolution – 5K

  • ®DruGuard Narcotics Detection Algorithm Option <

  • ADA Compliant Passageway

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Cost-effective checkpoint, baggage and small cargo X-ray inspection systems are especially designed to meet main requirements of airports, customs facilities, carriers, parcel services.

The LINEV Sysrtems UK ADANI BV product line was created to meet the contemporaneous requirements of security providing innovative and effective screening solutions.

Dual energy X-ray inspection allows operators to detect weapons, explosives (including plastic explosives), drugs, fuses and dangerous objects that can represent a safety hazard.

Parcel, baggage and small cargo inspection systems comprise a wide range of tunnel sizes, conveyor heights and load capacities which enable the building and reinforcement of security screening infrastructure at practically any facility.

Using comprehensive operating software an operator can easily get advanced quality images and pass to the image adjustment tools. A built-in archiving and TIP function assures effective use of the inspection system. The full integration of LINEV Systems UK ADANI BV’s product line with other LINEV Systems UK ADANI products creates the most comprehensive inspection checkpoint of individuals and their belongings.


The X-ray baggage system BV 6045DV provides the effective inspection of large parcel, small cargo and other items.

Dual view system is able to produce two separate simultaneous images from perpendicular orientations providing a complete image of an inspected object, reducing the need for repositioning and rescanning thus enabling rapid, accurate and comprehensive threat detection.

X-ray security screening checkpoint system BV 6045DV made for scanning of carry-ons, travel bags, handbags, suitcases or luggage bags allows identification of weapons, explosives (including plastic explosives), drugs, knives, blades, fire guns, bombs, toxic substances, flammable substances, ammunition, gems, primers and dangerous objects, which are safety hazard by identification of substances with effective atomic number. 

The inspection unit  will be optimal solution for customs facilities, airports, logistics companies and parcel services or wherever security screening of heavy packages is required.Dual energy imaging of the system with automatic color coding of materials having different atomic numbers helps screening specialists to easily identify dangerous objects inside any parcel.


Key Features:

  • Operator gets two X-ray images of a scanned object made from two perpendicular views that help to detect threats more precisely without repositioning the screened object and its secondary screening. (Dual-view technology)

  • A special configuration of the operator’s workstation makes its software resistant to viruses and other harmful interference. The system shutdown occurs immediately and safe for the equipment and data.

  • Due to the new configuration of hardware the system becomes ready for operation within 30 seconds. An instant shutdown of the system is now also possible.

  • The set of self-intuitive tools and settings make it possible for the operator to master the system control quickly and easily making thus his/her daily work more comfortable.

  • State of all important assemblies and components is controlled in the online mode allowing the system to be kept operational and the operator to be informed about any changes in good time.

  • Operator is free to choose whether to use 3 colours imaging (organics/inorganics/metals), which is familiar by experience, or 7 colours imaging, which is more detailed one and which enables material discrimination on effective atomic number more precisely. New colours help the operator to stay attentive and his/her perception to remain not “overloaded” when working during a long period of time. This improves the performance quality of the operator and a through-flow rate of inspection points.


The BV M.A.X. is a compact mobile conveyor type X-ray screening system for fast, effective and contact-free inspection of mattresses and inmates’ personal property.

Due to the compact design and special wheels the BV M.A.X. can be easily relocated and deployed wherever security inspection is needed. The BV M.A.X. will fit through standard interior doorways.

This movable and highly versatile tool is the first system designed specifically to address the problem of contraband hidden in mattresses. It can be brought directly to cell blocks or dormitories to greately assist the inspection process. It is created to eliminate the need to fold mattresses to fit into conventional X-ray inspection systems.

The BV M.A.X. has also a standard baggage scanner functionality to inspect mail and personal property.



  • Automatic detection of most common contraband

  • Can process matressess of most suppliers

  • Automated inspection process

  • No need for special training

  • Contraband detection assistance software

  • Simple and user-friendly touch screen interface

  • Fits through standard doorways

  • On-board and networked data storage

  • Remote diagnostics feature

  • Image review and other advanced software features

  • Optional special stair-stepping wheels

  • Network integration

  • Ready for barcode reader, camera, RFID, ID reader

Prison Mattress Hidden Contraband

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Drive-Through Portal (DTP) X-ray systems are high-energy scanners designed for non-intrusive inspection of vehicles, cargo, containers and goods and can be used in various inspection sites, such as airports, seaports, customs facilities, traffic control points, temporary storage, logistic centers, warehouses and other places where total cargo inspection is required.

The constant flow of goods and materials through border crossings and ports poses a world of challenges. The Drive-Through Portal (DTP) X-ray high-energy systems in stationary and relocatable configurations are designed to detect various types of hidden threats and contraband, including weapons, explosives, weapons of mass destruction, drugs and undeclared goods. LINEV Systems UK ADANI's DTP X-ray inspection systems are the optimal solution for inspection of cargo, trucks and passenger vehicles at seaports, customs and border crossings.

Due to innovative drive-through operation design a vehicle can be driven directly through the portal. Moreover, the vehicle can be scanned without scanning the driver's cab and as a result the traffic flow is not impeded by the inspection process. The new system design reduces the overall operational area. ADANI’s DTP product line provides a wide range of high-performance, cost-effective and reliable solutions that will guarantee protection from threats and contraband while maintaining a smooth traffic flow and minimizing the total cost of inspection.

DTP 200R

Based on the innovative technology applied, the DTP 200R is an autonomous state-of-the-art dual-energy X-ray scanner. It is used for inspection of passenger cars, vans, pick-up trucks. During vehicle screening the detection of the explosives, weapons, illegal drugs and other objects prohibited. The System allows checking the compliance of the vehicle internal content with the accompanying documents without unloading or opening. 

Relocatable passenger vehicle X-ray inspection system DTP 200R has a diesel generator and can work in a location without the current network. Passengers can stay in their cars during the scanning process, driving them under their own power through the inspection portal. The deployment of the DTP 200R requires a relatively small ground surface without special requirements for additional infrastructure. The DTP 200R is able to scan and control rapidly the contents of cars in controlled traffic flow (free-flow operation mode). X-ray inspection system DTP 200R has an automatic color coding for materials separation (3 colors) feature allowing distinguishing between organic, non-organic and metal materials. This feature helps the operator to detect  dangerous objects from the various materials.


Key Features:

  • Autonomous system;

  • Drive-thru technology;

  • Small footprint;

  • High throughput;

  • High penetration;

  • High quality X-ray images;

  • Dual energy imaging;

  • Radiation safety.


  • Weather package -30°C …+55°C;

  • Automatic number plate;

  • Integrated driver identification camera;

  • Remote AWS for image analysis;

  • Operator cabin;

  • Infrared access limiting barriers;

  • UPS for scanning system;

  • Radiation monitor.

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