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Protection Beyond Fences

Sensing bring to Australia the SpotterRF Perimeter Surveillance Radars which are the world's first advanced Compact Surveillance Radar (CSR) System for perimeter, ground, air and sea, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). SpotterRF radars are manufactured and made in the USA.  

Wide area tracking

The radar solution at its core is wide-area detection and tracking – which provides advanced warning and response through automated alarms. Using cutting-edge radar technology, we pinpoint the GPS location of potential intruders around your property. We tell PTZ cameras where to look in real-time so they're never looking in the wrong direction when you need them most. And we integrate the alarms into your system so that you get the alarms how you need them. 

The range of radars is available to suit all projects, covering distance up to 1.4km. The system has been designed to integrate with a host of cameras and VMS systems. Contact  us directly for more information 



  • Airports

  • Border Lines

  • Bridges

  • Business

  • Commercial Facilities

  • Construction Sites

  • Correctional Facilities

  • Dams

  • Data Centers

  • Events

  • Fish Farms

  • Gas Compressor Stations

  • Government Facilities


  • Law Enforcement

  • Mines

  • Mobile/Temporary Protection

  • Military

  • Nuclear Power Plants

  • Oil Refineries

  • Oil Wells

  • Portable/Stationary

  • Residential Estates

  • Service Centers

  • Solar Farms

  • Substations

  • Windmill Farms

Ground based radar and PTZ
Ground based radar and PTZ
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