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Genesys is more than ‘just’ a PSIM technology. It takes PSIM to another level. It is an Integrated Security Management System (ISMS) that integrates multiple systems from multiple manufacturers – presenting this as one holistic technology. It means that every electronic security or fire safety device from CCTV to Public Address, and Fire Detectors to BMS – can be monitored and controlled from a single platform.

Most importantly, Genesys includes Migrating 3+™ technology, a patented automatic failover solution that adds higher levels of automatic configurable redundancy and system scalability than conventional PSIMs.

Control is effectively distributed across multiple dedicated workstations so that if one fails, control is migrated to a second workstation seamlessly, with no interruption or downtime. The system is therefore not restricted in its performance by the size or  

capability of a traditional server, nor does it require the added expense of moving to server farms or utilising clustering software.

Genesys is built around intuitive software that combines a range of industry-leading features and benefits including an enhanced graphical user experience using 3D modelling and a comprehensive event management database. Events and alarms are presented to the operator clearly as and when they happen using flexible cause-and-effect rules and escalation. Unlike VMS or access control solutions that are centric to their prime function, Genesys ISMS is product agnostic – providing standardised control across all disciplines enhancing ease of use, delivering greater efficiency and offering enhanced ROI.

The ISMS software is totally scalable, from control of just a single building to multi-site, multi-country, Enterprise systems that can operate over local or wide area networks. Events can be transferred to any operating security control room on the network (either local or remote), by site, discipline, or alarm escalation, providing effective monitoring and high-level management of any situation. The ability to roll out a solution from a single site to Enterprise offers end users the ultimate flexibility to expand as their budgets and requirements dictate, or to close down sites or buildings on a temporary basis in an emergency.   



Your security is never compromised because control is distributed across all your workstations.

  • Genesys takes power to your PC and multiply it by the number of PCs on your network.

  • If one PC fails, control is migrated to another PC seamlessly with no interruptions, no downtime. 

The Genesys v2 system works on a network of Windows 7 compatible PC workstation (s). These have overall control of all electronic security systems installed at each site including: -


  • Perimeter intruder detection

  • CCTV and Digital Recording

  • Intruder Alarms

  • Panic/Affray Alarms

  • Video Content Analytics

  • Building Management Systems

  • Electronic Locking

  • Cell Call

  • Fire Detection

  • Intercoms

  • Public Address

  • Trunked Radio

  • Radio Paging

  • Staff Safety Systems

  • Guard Tour


…from multiple manufacturers from a single software platform. We work with your manufacturers or recommend our partners.


  • Clear and concise easy to navigate graphics and text acknowledgements along with real-time active icons so the user can see the activity of events and actions as and when they happen.

  • Graphic plans in high resolution 2-D or 3-D format so that operators   become familiar with the building (s) and locations that are being monitored and/or controlled by Genesys.

  • 3-D model of the site (s) and or location (s) to give the operator an instant overview of all maps available for the system.

  • Highly intuitive Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software means that full operator training takes two – four hours maximum.

  • A complex log enables the manager/supervisors to produce audit trails and reports.

  • The Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software operates as a standalone platform over LAN or WAN networks for remote and local sites with workstations that can be transferred to any operating security control room on the network. This offers the end user flexibility when closing down sites or buildings for off-peak or out of normal working hours or in the unlikely event of any system failures.

  • The modular format of the Genesys Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software platform enables management to allocate individual operators with all or individual modules. Each module includes a graphical control panel which replicates the function of the hardware and displays the relevant icons on the maps for the individual system, the modules can be filtered by the operator.  This alleviates cluttered graphics and confusion for the operators.

  • Genesys offers true system interoperability via an action list application. This enables every device for each system to interact via cause and effect to include display graphical maps and memos/instructions related to the individual alarms to the operators. This allows all events to be automatically triggered when a device changes state and so human errors are eliminated.

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