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Echodyne’s Metamaterial Electronically Scanning Array (MESA) radar operates just like a high-end phased array radar, instantly steering a high-resolution beam around a 3D field of view. MESA enables smaller, lighter, less expensive, higher performing imaging radars at commercial price points for industry and government.

True beam-steering technology is the global gold standard for radar. Echodyne’s innovative MESA radars bring true beam-steering to commercial markets at commercial price points. Radars are a critical component of multi-layered safety and security solutions for many industries – from securing critical infrastructure against intrusion to safely guiding autonomous machines. Our radar products are designed for Perimeter Security, UAS, and Automotive markets. 


Echodyne designs and manufactures radars with unparalleled price-performance. MESA technology is a fundamental breakthrough in high-performance radar with game changing benefits in many markets. Acuity is an intelligent radar control software suite to enable maximum user configurability. At an order of magnitude lower cost, Echodyne radar radically outperforms all other radar sensors in its class.


Our 3D Security radar offers superior sensor performance in a compact, solid-state, all-weather product. A recent winner in the SOFWERX Game of Drones competition, EchoGuard is the perfect radar for a multilayered perimeter defense solution. 

EchoGuard For 3D Security


Echodyne’s Metamaterial Electronically Scanning Array (MESA) technology realizes high-performance phased-array radar performance at breakthrough cost levels, offering imaging radar to commercial markets for the first time.


Our ground-based airspace management radar detects and tracks manned aircraft at 3km and small drones at 1km. The radar's low cost makes it economical to cover even large areas or corridors. EchoGuard is the ideal sensor for all-weather UAS mission safety. 

EchoGuard For GBDAA


Our radar software suite, Acuity, unlocks the power of MESA technology through deep customization, intelligent radar resource allocation, and data processing algorithms. 


Truly man-portable, fully-equipped portable field radar kit will operate for 24-hours with swappable batteries and continuously with recharge capability. Designed for field agents, the kit contains all elements necessary to rapidly setup and conduct surveillance of large swaths of ground and airspace. Intuitive touch-screen user interface on rugged hardware with wired or wireless communications enables the forward operator to easily setup for mission parameters and detect, track, and interrogate multiple simultaneous air and land objects of interest with precise geolocation and target metadata.

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The Tower Mounting Kit precisely positions radars for simultaneous overlapping coverage to support 360° azimuth by 80° elevation airspace surveillance without the inherent track update delay or mechanical unreliability of rotational radar systems. The Kit features easy configuration for mounting up to four radars and swiveling arm brackets for customized radar orientations

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Our airborne radar, EchoFlight, offers large field of view (FOV) and ultra-low C-SWaP to enable BVLOS and autonomous UAS missions in complex cluttered environments and all weather conditions.

EchoFlight Airborne Radar