X-Ray Security systems suitable for all requirements

Astrophysics x-ray inspection systems are precision engineered for efficiency, performance, and longevity. With high-resolution imaging and innovative visual software, they provide customs, law enforcement, and military personnel the data necessary to intercept threats to global commerce, public health, and national security.

Astrophysics delivers customized hardware and software solutions to meet local and regional threats. Our upgraded imaging features give screeners access to an expanded range of enhanced inspection tools, including adaptive high-contrast visual filters, artificial intelligence for gun and knife detection, and 3D reconstructions that allows operators to examine objects from a full 360°.

Mail Screening Xray
Mail Screening Xray

Mail Screening Xray

Bag Screening X-Ray
Bag Screening X-Ray

Bag Screening X-Ray

Mobile X-Ray
Mobile X-Ray

Mobile X-Ray

Mail Screening Xray
Mail Screening Xray

Mail Screening Xray


More Standard Features than any other X-ray Systems

Astrophysics software and hardware features work in concert to help operators find threats faster, and with greater reliability. Integrated software facilitates effective screening, providing the precise data needed to pinpoint threat objects in bags, pallets, and cargo containers with irregular contents.


Assigns color to objects based on their composition.

6 Color allows operators to distinguish between a wide range of objects:

  • Organic: C-4, Plastic Explosive

  • Low Inorganic: Cocaine, Heroin

  • High Inorganic: Glass, Propellants

  • Light Metals: Gunpowder, IEDs

  • High Inorganic: Firearms, Bullets, Knives

  • High Inorganic: Gold, Silver, High-Value Contraband

The rich colors enhance material discrimination, which helps operators decipher images and isolate threats in less time for better accuracy and output.

Tools for Better Dectection

Black & White

Provides a standard grey scale display. High-dense materials appear black on screen, which helps operators distinguish between objects and directs their attention to potential threats.

High Penetration Function

Allows the operator to adjust the darker regions of an image for better contrast and visibility.

Organic/Inorganic Imaging

Lets operators emphasize the organic or inorganic components of a scanned image.

Pseudo Colour

Applies multiple color palettes to scanned images. The false colors create unique visual representations that help highlight dangerous or suspicious items.

Continuous Scanning

Automatically activates the x-ray generator to scan objects too small or light to trigger the photo-sensors located at the tunnel entrance.

Reverse Monochrome

Creates a reverse greyscale image, which reduces eye strain and helps draw the operator’s attention to potential threats.

Image Archive (150+)

Automatically saves the last 100,000 images scanned for review.

Real-Time Self Diagnostics

Continuously monitors system components including power supply input voltage, x-ray generator, e-stop status, entry/exit sensors, and temperature.

Features Include

Geometric Image Distortion Correction - Real-Time Manipulation - Light/Dark - Continuous Zoom - Edge Enhancement - 9-Quadrant Zoom - Atomic Number Measurement - Vertical Zoom Panning - Auto Image Archiving - Image Review - Save Image