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Sensing Pty Limited (Sensing), is an Australian business entity created in May of 2015 with the express purpose of commercialising micro Doppler radar technology for the detection of small objects for the primary markets of prisons, detention facilities, law enforcement and defence.

The successful development of the Osprey small object radar detection system has seen the technology develop further into Osprey AIR UAV Radar, and future solutions include cost effective perimeter detection of people and detection of body worn IED devices.

The principals of Sensing have a long history and significant, in-depth experience of all forms of Frequency-Modulated Continuous-Wave (FMCW) and pulse Doppler radars and their applications in perimeter detection. Over the past 20 years the Sensing Management team has been involved in a number of high profile, high security projects and organisations including:

Previous Clients:

  • Australian Department of Defence,

  • US Department of Defence, Pine Gap

  • Sydney 2000 Olympics,

  • 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games,

  • Australian National Nuclear Research and Development Organisation (ANSTO),

  • The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI)

  • Australian Federal Police


Founded in 2012 by Bill Nolan, Sensing applies ground-breaking technology, manufactured to the most exacting quality and standards, to produce affordable products for use by clients across many industry sectors.

Over the past 30 years Bill Nolan has worked with some of the leading companies and individuals in the field of Ground Based Radar and Perimeter Detection.

The team at Sensing have pioneered high-tech innovation for over 3 decades and combined, have been granted over a dozen Patents in over 34 countries including Australia, the United States and across Europe.

Some of the innovative products developed include:-

- In 1987, the Intelligent Digital Video System. Patented in 34 countries. This system was the first system to digitally capture video and transmit alarms over the PSTN normal telephone network.

- In partnership with Apple Australia, developed the world’s first fully digital hold up camera system for financial institutions, which was highly successful in Australia.

- Released another first, the Zone Raptor DVR which was the forerunner of the digital technology which made VCR's and Multiplexers redundant in the security market. It is estimated that this was one of four products which could claim world first status. This is the product, which won "Industry's Finest Award" in 2000 at the ISC West Security Expo in Las Vegas, USA. Raptor was the first Australian product ever to receive this prestigious award and is still the only Australian product to have achieved it. 

- Bill developed an Intrusion Detection System based on the thermal cameras detecting the movement of targets through a video field between two thermal cameras. The system was deployed in many Commonwealth properties and other non-government sites, The then Commonwealth Government's Science Minister, Peter McGauran, commissioned the product to be fitted to ANSTO's Nuclear Energy site at Lucas Heights. This was the first deployment and it was subsequently awarded "Innovation of the Year" in the NSW Government’s 2004 WSI Award. It then went on to become the standard offering for perimeter detection by Australian Federal Police.

- After 9/11 there was a worldwide revision of the products offered by the security industry and many offerings were found lacking from a technology and performance point of view, Bill had already conceived what was needed and began development of a Multi Sensor Control Platform. In 2004 a US think tank, described the design of the above product as the requirement for modern security and counter terrorism deployment. In 2006, Bill had already designed prototypes and anticipated the new technology. The product received the NSW Governments' WSI Award for Innovation. Variations of this technology have been developed ever since and still lead the industry.  


Starting his technology fascination with a position at the CSIRO, Bill's continued interest in the advancement of technology and product development saw him enter the commercial world, establishing Zone Advanced Protection Systems in 1986.

Between 1987 and 1990, Bill was granted patents in 34 countries for a variety of products and in 1999 released the Raptor; one of the first Digital Video Recorders in the world.

Under Bill's management the company won 14 NSW State Government technology awards including "Most Outstanding Innovator of the Year" 2003, 2004, 2006.

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We design, build and distribute leading edge products for the reliable and accurate sensing, identifying and discrimination of objects, small or large, or people, that may threaten the privacy or security of individuals or assets

The Sensing team have been at the forefront of security and sensing technology development for over 3 decades, from pioneering digital video transmission and recording, and the development of a Multi Sensor Control Platform, to its current focus - the development of affordable, commercially available multi-function radar sensors. The Sensing team continues to lead the way. 

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